Smalleyed Ray

Smalleyed Ray

The small eyed ray is blonde in colour with a slight marbling pattern on the back with a flat body like all rays and a white underside, unlike thornbacks as occasionally mixed up they don’t have many spikes if any at all.

Running ledger rig: 60lb Rig body, 60lb hook length 3ft leading to a single 3/0 hook.
Up & Over rig: 60lb Rig body, 60lb hook length 3ft+ leading to a 3/0 hook.
Pulley dropper rig: 60lb Rig body, 60lb hook length 3ft leading to a 3/0 hook.

Sand eel: Cut off the head and tail and thread over the hook and whip on.
Sprats: Whipped on whole with a clear hooking point and tail snipped off.
Sardines: Whipped on whole again with the tail snipped off and a clear hooking point.
Mackerel: Cut into strips as long as your finger and as fat roughly hook through once and whip shank to the fish.
Bluey: Great bait cut a fillet off and half it use on its own or mix with squid strip to strengthen it whip together it can be a killer combo!


Small eyed rays tend to live over a sandy sea bed sometimes mud as well you will occasionally find the in Estuaries well use a reasonably strong hook length the mouth has small teeth more akin to rough sand paper and is abrasive especially to mono lines.