The Plaice is great table fish and lots of people fish for them, they are a right eyed flat fish with a light brown upper and orange spots on them, they have very small scales which produces a very smooth texture to the touch.
Plaice can weigh up to the 5lbs but more commonly they are around the 2lb mark on average.
Plaice will feed around the clock no matter the weather so you stand a good chance at catching them.

Plaice rig: 60lb main rig body, 20-30lb line for hook lengths with green & black beads as attractors. Short hook length or 1-2ft ending in a 1/0 Aberdeen style hook.

Running ledger: 60lb main rig body, 20-30lb hook length of 1-2ft size 1/0 Aberdeen style hook.

Lugworm: Whole lugs threaded onto the hook & whipped on at the top.
Ragworm: Whole Rags threaded onto the hook & whipped on at the top.
Mussels: Whole mussels whipped onto the hook shank.
Shrimps: small whole shrimps hooked through the tail on the 3rd section.

Plaice prefer sandy sea beds or gritty beds, sandy beaches with a with rocky outcrops tend to hold more food and will have shoals of Plaice. It’s best to use shorter hook lengths as a lot of flatfish like their baits hard on the bottom and predictable in movement not flapping everywhere.