Mackerel is a mainly pelagic fish that is quick and hunts and preys on smaller fish and marine life, they travel around in shoals and when in close to the shore can be one of the easiest fish to catch due to their predatory nature and snapping at anything that passes them.
Being silver on the belly and green all down its back with black stripes running over the green hue.

3 Hook flapper: 60lb main rig body, 60lb hook length with size 6-1/0 hooks depending o size of fish wanted.
Feather rig for Mackerel: very effective method when jigged allowing several to be caught at once.

Spinning lures: most lures in the shape of a small fish or Dexter wedge are effective for catching Mackerel.

Float fishing: A float set up and 30lb hook length of at least 3ft with a size 1-1/0 hook.

Sand eel: Sections of sandeel whipped onto a hook works well with sandeel being a staple diet of mackerel.

Mackerel: mackerel belly strips with just the tip whipped on the hook and a small piece dangling past the hook for movement works well.


You can catch mackerel over any grounds that hold small fish but also favour fast flowing water.
Mackerel hunt Sand eels and small fish like herring and sprats.
At times it’s easy to see where mackerel are present as they force shoals of fish up to the surface and it makes the sea look like its boiling as all the small fish breach the surface.
Mackerel are relatively easy to catch due to their predatory nature and taking anything that passes close to them which makes jigging feathers up and down a great way of catching several fish at once.