John Dory

John Dory

John dory or otherwise known as St. Peter’s fish is a strange looking fish its a round fish with large side panels and thin with a single large black spot on each of its flanks, it has some very long fins of which the first ones are spines so beware.
John dory inhabit inshore and offshore and are normally found around fish holding spots.
John dory is another good table fish although can be awkward to fillet.

Paternoster: 60lb Rig body & 60-80 lb hook length depending on grounds, 4/0 to 7/0 hooks.

2 Hook flapper: 60lb rig body & 60-80lb hook length depending on grounds, 4/0 to 7/0 hooks.

Live Baits: Live sand eels, sprats, small Joey mackerel hooked through bottom lip and out the nose with a clear hooking point.

Fresh fish baits: If live bait is not an option then fresh fish small fillets or whole small fish like sprats, mackerel, sand eels and herring.

John dory tend to congregate where shoals of smaller fish are as they prey on them, so any fish holding spots like wrecks or structures or deep channels, reefs rock outcrops etc.