The Garfish is a funny looking fish that is closely related to the flying fish and occupies the pelagic areas of the ocean with a long slim slender body and a beak full of narrow teeth they are also sometimes called sea pike.
Garfish are also a good table fish and when cooked don’t be alarmed as the bones are green. They are more of a summer visitor being able to catch them at the end of May until around the end of August.
Garfish have a good fighting quality and on light gear can be really great sport.

Float rigs with size 6 hooks going no larger than 1/0 hook.

Minnow lures or small fish type spinners.

Baited feathers.


Mackerel: strips of mackerel hooked once and whipped at the top.

Small whole fish: Whole whitebaits or small sand eels with tails chopped off.

Lug worm: Whole small worms, or sections of larger worms.

Rag worm: Whole small worms or sections of larger worms.

Prawns: whole prawns both shelled and unshelled hook through tail and whip on to shank of hook.

you can find Garfish in most areas around the UK but are more prevalent in the south of England.
They will often shoal with launce or mackerel but primarily feed up near the surface.
They don’t worry about moving in land either and will feed around any structures that break up the flow of the tide.