The Flounder can be found all around British shores and with it not being fussy on baits and coming in close with shallow waters it is often an anglers first catch.
Flounders are another good table fish but a lot of people use then to bait crab and lobster pots or for Tope baits. The largest caught Flounder from the shore is 5lb 7 oz but typically they are around the 1lb mark with 11inches being the take home size.

3 hook flapper 50-60lb main rig body & 20lb hook length size, 4-6 hooks

2 hook flapper 50-60lb main rig body & 20lb hook length, size 4-6 hooks

Running ledger 50-60 main rig body & 20lb hook length, size 4-6 hooks


Ragworm: small sections of ragworms or whole small rags threaded over the hook.

Lugworm: small sections of lug or whole smaller lug threaded over the hook.

Shellfish: threaded over hook and whipped on with some elastic at the top and to squeeze out juicy scent.
Mackerel: Small strips of belly whipped onto the top of the hook shank.

Other baits will work as flounder will eat pretty much anything like crab, prawns, herring strips, section of sand eels and pilchards.

You will normally find flounder all over and close in particularly in areas with current through it like inlets etc anything that carries food in to them.
They prefer sandy or mud bottoms and you will find in estuaries and harbours.
Flounder can also be found in brackish water and fresh water several miles upriver from the sea.