Cod are a prized fish amongst anglers due to being a great tasting fish and fetching good money Cod will inhabit most areas and eat most things. Cod are found throughout U.K, although they do migrate within European waters. Being a colder water species cod are more common around northern European waters of the UK. Codling become Cod around 6lb as a general rule of thumb and Legal take home size is 14inches/35cm but as Cod have just had their blue label removed as a species I tend to return larger cod over 6lb back to the ocean to try and help stocks as it’s a mature breeding fish.

Clipped down paternoster: 60lb Rig body & 60lb hook trace, hook size 4/0 – 8/0 a good average for most is 6/0 penneled

Running ledger: 60lb Rig body & 60lb hook trace, Hook size 4/0 – 8/0 penneled

Pulley dropper: 60lb Rig body & 60lb hook trace, Hook size 4/0 – 8/0 penneled

Pulley rig: 60lb Rig body & 60lb hook trace, Hook size 4/0 – 8/0 penneled (good if fishing over rough ground).

Lugworm, Blacks, Yellow tails: Either thread them on singles and up the line wrap penneled hook around and through or whip the worms together into a sausage and then thread on the hook the same way and secure with extra whipping if needed.

Rag worms: As above threaded on singular and up the line or wrap into a sausage with a few worms and again whip to hooks.

Squid: Whole squid whipped and then threaded onto the line one hook coming out the bottom of the bait and penneled hook coming out the top.

Mussels & limpets: Thread on a lot up the line and over the shank of the hook when you have a good sized bait whip it altogether and make it ooze juice.

Get three sandeels and nip of the heads and tails get into a triangle shape and whip together then thread on and up the hook with Pennell hook securing it oozes juice both ends.

Bluey & Mackerel: many don’t use dead fish baits but I’ve always had my larger cod on fish baits intended for other quarry so definitely worth a mention whole fillets or a small Joey mackerel with tail chopped off and whipped up to squeeze the juices and blood out and the same for bluey.

Cuttlefish: A highly under rated bait but very messy bait, remove the cuttles back bone then either use whole and attach like squid or cut in half if casting out and whip it together for a more streamlined bait.

All above baits are also good for combination bait, there are other baits and Cod will eat most foodstuff available but these are the most successful baits used on a regular basis from boat and shore.


You will encounter Cod just about on any ground you can think of from sand and mudflats through the heaviest and rockiest grounds and all the mixed grounds in between.
Night is best unless you have heavy clouded waters like I do in the Bristol Channel or deeper water in which you will still see good catches during the day time.