The Bullhuss is a member of the shark family which is mainly found around the southern and western coasts of the Britain although are dotted around other areas around the U.K. Huss can reach a good size of around 20lb and can give you some great sport, they can be eaten formally known as rock salmon but due to their near threatened status it s best practise to return them.
Huss also tend to be more of a nocturnal feeding species, spending the days hidden away in cracks and crevices around rough and rocky grounds, or just resting almost asleep like on the seabed.
They generally prefer deeper water and rockier ground but are quite happy to move into reasonably shallow water to feed if food is available there. A good sign to look for with Huss is the mermaids purse which is the protective layer of their eggs which washes up on shores.
If fishing for large Bullhuss then you may want o upgrade your hook lengths to around 80lb due to the rough skin of huss and the sharp teeth in the business end!
They can be confused with dogfish when small but they have less but more defined spots, the nose to mouth is different and they have green eyes if they catch the light whereas dogfish have red.
Legal take home size is 23inches/ 58cm.

Pulley rig: Strong line 80 - 100lb line is recommended rig body and hook length Hook sizes from 2/0 - 5/0 to match your bait size.
Running ledger: Strong line again 80 - 100lb. Hook sizes from 2/0 - 5/0 to match your bait size.
Paternoster: Strong line again 80 - 100lb. Hook sizes from 2/0 – 5/0 to match your bait size.

Bluey: Probably one of the best baits for Bullhuss lots of fishy scent and oils to travel use a good chunk of bluey match to your hook size. I normally cut the bluey in half and remove tail fins and then make 4 fillets to use, put your hook through the bait and whip it onto the hook leaving a clear hooking point. I tend to leave the flesh the outside

Mackerel: As above a good bait for Huss as oily and scents well again I personally cut in half remove the tail fins and make four fillets and whip to the hook but with mackerel again leaving a clear hooking point and flesh on the outside.

Squid: Whole squids are a brilliant bait for Huss I tend to just nip the tails of a bit so the tide can flow through the squid mantle taking scent out quicker, a killer bait is mixing a fillet of bluey or macky with the squid and whipping it all together then hook through and whips the bait to the shank leaving a clear hooking point.

Bullhuss tend to inhabit rocky areas or boulder fields fishing off a rocky headland ledge is normally great for them. You may catch them on nearby mixed ground if they have travelled to feed there. Strong tackle is advised and higher poundage of line due to the very rough skin and sharp teeth along with the grounds they inhabit which can wear on the line.