Black Bream

Black Bream

Black bream are a sub tropical summer species around our shores which are a fantastic tasting fish not to mention great sport on lighter tackle!
Legal keep size for bream is 9 ½ inches or 23cm.
Guilt head bream are different 

Flapper rigs: 60lb Rig body & 20-30lb hook trace 30cm 2 or 3 hooks size 2 through to 1/0 hooks
Wessex rig: 60 Rig body & 20-30lb hook trace 30cm size 2 through to 1/0 hooks
Paternoster clip down: (If at range) 60lb Rig body & 20-30lb hook trace 30cm size 2 through to 1/0 hooks.
Pulley rig: 60lb Rig body & 20-30lb Hook trace 30cm+ with size 2 -1/0 hooks.
(Same rigs are good for Guilt heads but use a strong hook pattern for them as they have a hard fight and string teeth that will snap off lesser hooks, I also up the poundage of the hook trace to make sure I get it in.)

With Bream not being particularly fussy feeders they will pretty much take any bait you put out there.
Rag worm: used on small hooks sometimes half a worm is more than enough 

Lug worm: small lug used whole threaded onto the hooks with a little hanging just beneath.

 Squid: strips of the mantle slightly longer than the hook to flap a little for attraction  is brilliant for Bream and a tougher bait than most resisting some of the breams surgical strikes

 Mackerel strips: As with Squid strips work well and just whip onto the top of the hook shank to keep in place.
 Crab: using half a crab whipped onto the hook.( best bait for GUILTS peeler being the best)

*One of the best ways is to put a bit of rag worm on the hook and then a thin strip of squid that flaps a little past the end of the hook on flapper rigs this can be deadly for bream.
Note bream have sharp teeth and also have spines in the dorsal fin.

Sea bream are found in a variety of grounds, you’ll find them near rocky areas or rocky
reefs, on sandy sea beds as well as anywhere with a lot of sea grass about.