Vass R-Boot - Gear Review

Vass R boot ¾ length. With winter approaching fast and it getting very wet and boggy around some Somerset marks I decided I would get some new welly boots for fishing.

Looking at what was out there I decided I would get some thermal lined boots for a bit of extra comfort and warmth.

At £44.99 I didn’t think that it was too bad for value wise at first glances and Vass generally has a good name.

On getting the willies I took them out the box and instantly the first thing I notice is the great grip they have on the bottom of the yellow soles with a good wide grip that clogged up mud will also work its way out of the welly giving you maximum grip all the time. When buying these you also have the option of studs to be fixed in for rock marks etc these though were without as I have specific rock boots which I trust for that type of fishing. They have good toe protection where it is thicker and ridged over to make it a lot more sturdy and has the same for the bridge of the foot where it joins the shin and basic ankle protection also. Working up the boot you have the name on the outside edge in gold but not over the top at all.

At the top of the boot you see the stitching of the thermal layer just lapping over the top of the boot.

Feeling the thermal sock inside and it’s like a sheep skin all fresh and yellowy in colour and fresh smelling ... but not for too long! Wearing the boots out they are great and very comfortable as well and they kept my feet warm and dry and have done for many sessions now a year on and they still look as good as new on the outside, the grip is still great and doesn’t just wear out. They are comfortable to walk in for long distances and you have enough room in them as well and anyone else who has large calf muscles will be grateful as it can be a pain when they get super tight in that area or if they rub as well. My only gripe regarding the wellies was the thermal socks inside it started to come away from the boot at the top as you can see in the photos after the first session! Which I think is pretty poor considering! The shop I had bought from couldn’t be contacted due to Covid and being shut and the owners not reachable, so contacted Vass directly and they didn’t want to know telling me to go to the shop in a lock down when they are not even open. Months on I finally got to have a say at the shop and I could see he didn’t believe me when I said it had happened on the first trip out and wouldn’t take them back as it was now past the return date and suggested I contact Vass again. With that advice taken I decided it wasn’t on and I hadn’t used them since either so contacted again with photos to show and no one even replied. So will I buy anything Vass again?... Not a chance! As to myself I’m not worried about the name as long as it does the job it’s meant too and if there is a problem they have some form of customer service especially when I hear similar from people who have bought expensive smocks that leak and were treated the same way.

Product verdict: 7/10: Plus points: - Plenty of room - Protected toes and reinforced areas. - Warm & comfortable. - Outside seems to be made well and lasts - Good grip. Bad points: - Thermal socks poorly fitted. - Very poor customer service. - Imax boot is better Vass would benefit from a removable thermal sock. - At £45 they are more expensive than other competitors and not superior. After some working I couldn’t refit the thermal layer so carefully removed it and the other sock as well and have been using without or socks on then the boots on.

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