Shakespeare Sherpa box carrier: Gear Review

Well we all want honest reviews on gear as I do before we know if it’s right for us or good for the hard earned money we are parting with but unfortunately some but not all anglers who review gear won’t give an honest review anymore as they have sold out! Which I can assure you won’t happen here no punches will be pulled if it great I’ll say it’s great and recommend it or if it’s equally a load of old tosh then again... I’m going to say so!

The reason for these reviews is I’ve wasted a lot of money on gear in the past that’s had great reviews online or in publications and no bad points only t find it was the opposite and some of these reviews were from anglers who know better but are or were sponsored and money talks.

So with all that said what are we looking at today? Today I have decided to do two reviews with the idea of travelling either compact or long distance on foot as I have to do now and then doing Roving rods articles so with that in mind i have chosen the Shakespeare seat box Sherpa and the Tronix pro Xenon travel rod. Shakespeare Sherpa box carrier: So with it being reasonably priced at between £16.99 and £20 at tackle outlets I did wonder what quality I was going to end up with so when it came and upon unwrapping to my surprise i was pleasantly surprised a good start just holding it and looking it over my first thoughts were it felt and looked well made it is also a simple design so not much to go wrong, the clips look like quality and feel robust as well so won’t break after a couple of uses so all good. The material looks and feels durable and stitching appears to be solid.

I use an old Team Diawa seat box so test 2 was at hand as it will suit all team boxes in the description and it went straight around it with no hassle at all, a quick tighten up of the straps and it was ready.

lifting it up and putting it on my back was again easy enough as I had set the shoulder straps with an initial guesstimate, with a little shuffle into place and a tightening up of the straps then clicking the chest strap up all is secure and solid I was actually very surprised at how comfortable it is, the shoulder straps are also nice and wide which prevents any digging into the shoulders, but the real test would be when I use it on the roving rods article as I had a long jaunt to get to the secret mark over some pretty bad terrain. So after using the Sherpa for all local mark trips lately I won’t be using anything else now! I can honestly say my two mile walk over stone and boulder with it fully laden was no problem at all and didn’t become uncomfortable at any point! And it held extra on top of my box with out bungees needed.

I had a break away system for my box for a while but it always irritated my back or made it ache on a longer walk and went back to the normal strap.

You don’t have a back rest with the Sherpa but for me this is no issue so all in all it’s a great bit of kit if you have issues carrying a box or you have a long trek ahead of you and for £16.99 - £20 from most retailers it’s a steal and now an essential part of my kit!

GOOD POINTS: -Cheap at £16.99 - £20.00. -Robust & well built. -light weight. -Simplistic and easy to use/ idiot proof. - Versatile on many boxes

BAD POINTS: -No back rest -Not permanently attached to box

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