Q and A with champion caster Danny Moeskops

Hi, MW. Hi Danny first of all thank you for agreeing to contribute to this month’s Roving Rods it’s really appreciated as I know you’re a very busy man!

So Jumping straight into it can you tell our readers first of all about the yourself and give us a little back ground Into Danny Moeskops with how and when you first got into fishing?

DM. Well my name is Danny Moeskops, Belgian but born in 1973 Germany, my Dad was in the Armed forces stationed in Germany. Both of my parents are anglers and the bug was given to me at the age of 4 by a 3 piece bamboo cane, and smashing around. MW. What was it that first caught your eye and attracted you to the world of tournament field casting and what equipment do you currently use to hit your distances?

DM. At the age of 19 my specimen freshwater angling for carp, zander and pike slow down as I could drive where ever I wanted. The sea had its call! 2 years later my fishing buddy who worked in a tackle shop took along a customer (English angler working in Belgium) too get to the marks and stuff Owen Meek for me was a weirdo as I barely understood him and he used the weirdest tackle. 12 foot rods and what I thought were shark reels, not to mention the little tent on the beach. We used 16 foot conti style rods and fixers, no way Mr. Shark could outcast us. Nothing-was further from the truth! As the last cast Owen swung the trace back and up, made half a pirouette and his bait landed 30 meters further in the water then mine. The whole evening fishing, I had one thing on my mind! How can I tell that man who probably knew he was at first the antichrist is now my Moses? How can I tell him I want to be taught that cast, use such gear, none the less the technical’s of it all. My English was as good as what you get in school, order a coffee and say thank you. Things got easy very fast, my mate who worked in a tackle shop saw me constantly looking at multipliers and there was one English style rod, with some advice they became mine. Jan my mate who was more taught in the language explained that I was keen. So I was taught the off the ground cast, which is still visible in my casting now. Instant distance was around 170 meters! So you would say nice, but not me.

Practice was almost every day, my gear improved as did my technique. Then 4 months later I joined the local casting club. My best cast of the day 221 meter Nobody gave me any advice anymore I did the local tournaments in 1995 In June that year I got selected for the worlds in the U.K at Ipswich

I was 22 ish had the casting bug and what I saw on that tournament opened a whole new world of technique. Not the ballerina style we did! My favourite gear now My Century black TTR with my Daiwa 7 HT mag. Century Excalibur TT and a ABU-Zzeta 6600

MW. With all of your achievements in tournament casting with differing weight categories which record stands out for you personally and why?

DM.Well I think hitting the first official over 300 yard cast on UKSF field in Huntingdon UK, maybe the world record in Wales 285,48 meters All of them feel special What about 209 meters with 50 gram

MW. What do you consider to be your biggest personal accomplishments in sea angling? Or do you have some Sea angling goals which you would still like to achieve?

DM.In Sea angling I used to do fishing competitions, My background as a freshwater specimen angler, I stopped this I wanted bigger things My casting took up a lot of off work time, so expeditions became the rule Only shore fishing, I get sick on a boat Shark fishing in South Africa and Namibia, this is awesome, Common skate in the Hebrides in Scotland, had on one night two skate for 409 pounds in 2.5 hours Also hooked played and landed the world record skate of 229lb I did not cast the rod out, my mate twisted his knee and I had the honour of landing it. Goals of the bucket list Small Great White of the shore I know its illegal English or European stingray over 40 lb.

MW. For many anglers who are new to angling or are just starting to look at getting better and casting farther whether it’s for the tournament scene or getting baits to reach better grounds farther out to sea, what would be your top tips and advice on casting technique to help them achieve this?

DM. Buy yourself some good gear, But first listen or investigate what is best for your area or capacities of your build Get some casting tuition, doesn’t cost much, join a club there are all anglers there, great friends to be made and knowledge! Everyone can cast short, few cast between the fish

MW. What methods or practice routines would you suggest for people just starting out in refining their casting?

DM.I practice on water in the harbour I do 20 casts in an hour then I’m knackered Don’t tell me you can’t get out twice a week an hour to do practice your cast

MW. When fishing from the shore which fish excites you and makes you want to go out on the beaches/ marks and catch them?

DM.I like fish who take line when they bite Rays, Smoothound, Tope , Cod, Conger, Bass Still enjoy whiting bashing to fill up the freezer, Fishing for Dogfish. I love it, easy to throw back and a lot of winching. Light gear for garfish and mackerel. I do the whole 9 yards ha ha

MW. Finally with so many new people and youngsters coming through in angling and tournament casting with them looking to yourself as an inspiration and someone to look up too, what would your top 3 pieces of advice or inspiration be to them that you use to drive yourself forwards and also get you through the tough moments?

DM. Don’t ask me for photographs and signatures! No that’s a joke; I always do pictures and signatures. A. First be yourself. B. Ask advice, it’s that simple. C. I’m not telling you my secrets, but I’ll give you advice and technique to sort out your troubles and look for the right time to ask someone ... If he just had a crack off, it’s not the moment to ask lol I’m 47 now 25 years of top level casting, 14 times world champion and countless of silver and bronze ones. Think I can answer your questions and technical problems My years of top level are past but I still manage to beat most, that’s on experience and knowledge I enjoy the weird things now, Comps with gear older than 35 years , the Cheap rod challenge, I use a bamboo garden cane and still do 230s Apple-casting, yes! Casting an apple with a rod! Plug casting 18 gram And just being around on the casting field with my long time friends. Rod design for Century as they support me for more than 20 years I redesign parts for reels as I make most myself as an engineer These are the things which keeps me going in the rough times The record breaker of the four mandatory weights 100,125,150,175 Is more concentrated at the ones he never had 50 and 75 with a fixed spool Things like that. MW. Once again Danny thank you for the interview and providing us with a glimpse into your world! I know a lot of readers will appreciate it this month especially as we can’t get out fishing at present, stay safe and good luck with the apple casting haha wish you all the best in the future with all you choose to do.

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