Clinch knot and Huss bait

So now that winter has its grip on us and the weather is creating some challenging seas and conditions to fish in I thought I would start the "back to basics" section with a good strong knot to use that won't pull out when you have your new P.B fish on! The Improved clinch knot is a fantastic all around knot for using whether tying swivels, hooks or any type of terminal tackle. Benefits of this knot are it's quick to tie; you can cut the tag end very close to the knot with some nail clippers making it easier for large baits to go over and is obviously very strong.

How to tie the knot: 1. Start by threading the line through the eye of the hook, then make 5 to 7 (If heavy mono over 40lb then 4 wraps is sufficient) wraps around the line with the loose tag end.

2. Then thread the loose tag end of the line through the loop created closest to the hooks eye, then back around and inside the loose section of line.

3. Then just moisten the line and Pull both ends of the line until tight, slide knot down to top of the hooks eye if needed and just re tighten.

4. Trim the loose tag end of the line if necessary with some nail clippers/scissors.

With everyone concentrating on Cod so much and everyone preferring their own way with rigs and baits around the country, I thought I would be different and focus on a cocktail bait fit for a P.B Bull huss.

With the Bull huss being a good sporting fish and renowned for fighting well it's just another great target for those winter months and with being plentiful in the South & the West makes them a good target as they can grow to 5ft and in excess of 20lb and with a shore caught record of 19lb 14oz.

This fish can present you with great sport when a lot of fish move away due to the colder waters.


Take your hook in this case a 5/0 Aberdeen and thread it through your squids body keeping the head at the bottom and putting the hook through the eye and out the top of the head leaving the hook standing proud.. By putting through the eye and up out the head you release all the inky juice putting scent out there.

Now wrap the snood line around the pennelled hook at the top then hook through the squid’s tail end.

Cut yourself a whole fillet of mackerel, cut in just behind the pectoral fin and cut down to the spine, turn your knife 90 degrees and follow the spine down to the tail.

You want the head end of the fillet up on the pennelled hook, so hook it through making sure the hook point is left standing proud. Lay the fillet so the squid runs down the middle of the inside of the fillet, Leave the skin on the outside as it looks more natural and also protects the flesh keeping scent for longer. If your fillet is slightly frozen squeeze either side of the fillet gently to curve it around the squid bait.

Get your bait elastic and wrap a good few turns at the top and then work your way down the bait, you don't have to be shy with the bait elastic as it won't affect the huss taking the bait at all, plus the elastic will keep your presentation nice and neat and those pesky crabs and smaller fish at bay.

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