Century NG Team Colours Bib, Brace and Jacket - Gear Review

So with Century now making wet weather clothing to add to their range the long wait for many is over! So with that it is time for another review to see if they have learnt from other companies mistakes and capitalised on them. Upon arrival from a stockist it was well packed and in team colours of navy blue and grey with Century neatly embroidered in a few places in white. Taking the suit out from the packaging it looks and it feels of a good quality material that will stand up to the rigors of fishing, on the label it says its breathable and that you can wash and iron it as well. The seams are all very well taped and welded and overall the suit feels of great quality on the jacket and the bib and brace. THE BIB & BRACE: Putting on the bib and brace and I instantly find something that isn’t so good straight away which to me stands out and that is the elastic straps that are on the bib and brace that go over your shoulders are not the best quality compared to many other suits out there of which some are less money but the straps are a better quality, but that aside they do the job just fine and the quick release plastic clips are good, substantial and are comfortable as well. I just question in my mind how long the elastic strap will stand the test of time compared to other brands? Once the bib and brace is on it’s very comfortable and the pockets are in the right places, the cut is good as it doesn’t limit any movement either. Century has used a three-layer construction which consists of a 100% nylon outer, a fully waterproof and breathable membrane and a 100% polyester lining. These three layers are bonded together giving the fabric a 15000mm hydrostatic head and a breathability rating of 5000mpv. It also has taped seams so there is no leaks.

You have two pockets on the front at an angle which are lined with a nice warm thinsulate type material for your hands which can also be done up by zip when they are not in use and have a waterproof small flap to keep water out from the zip. You also have two more cargo style pockets one on each leg which are Velcro and they fasten and hold well. Another thing that I’m personally not keen on is there is no top and bottom zip to allow for an easier bathroom break when out fishing you literally have to undo everything to be able to get inside. But this aside it secures well and the zip is good and strong from what I can see and feel. There is one feature that I really looked forward too and that is there are padded/ reinforced knees. My knees are not the best and quite often I will be on my knees baiting up on top of my fishing box and let’s just say afterwards when I get back up I can certainly feel it. Looking at them the stitching is good, the padding seems a touch thin at first but after testing it out its actually quite adequate and more than enough without being cumbersome at all and does not hinder movement in the legs. You also have a reinforced seated area which is good as well as this is often an area that will go first on a suit. Moving down again you have the option to flare the bottom of the legs to accommodate wellingtons or boots and there is plenty of room to do so. It’s just a Velcro tab at the bottom which holds and fastens well so you won’t have to mess about with it again during a fishing session. But here to me it’s just personal preference I prefer a zip as well which these don’t have it’s not a major drawback just a personal preference. But all in all the Bib and brace look and feel great and so far I really like them. CENTURY TEAM JACKET: Looking at the jacket and the pattern is basic which I personally like in a suit, it’s navy blue with a grey area around the chest Century have again used a three-layer construction which consists of a 100% nylon outer, a fully waterproof and breathable membrane and a 100% polyester lining. These three layers are bonded together giving the fabric a 15000mm hydrostatic head and a breathability rating of 5000mpv.

The Century NG Team Jacket is fully tape sealed to ensure there is no leaking through any of the exposed seams and again the jacket feels of great quality as the bib & brace did. Putting the jacket on it also feels good with room to move even with a shirt, a thin ski jumper and thick hoody underneath and it’s also light weight. I have my father on hand and about to use the camera so you can all see what it looks like and he thinks I look like an American postman ha ha ha .... Which to be fair I did a bit but this isn’t a fashion parade. So looking at the jacket you have two pockets at the bottom each side that are spacious and again hold well the zip is strong on the jacket as you would expect and can zip up all the way past your mouth so you can weather any storm also the you have a bottom zip unlike the bib & brace. There are two hand warmer pockets on the chest which again is a welcome bonus in the colder weather when out. Also you have storm cuffs which are a god send to me but apparently they annoy my father and he’s cut them out of a jacket before but personally for me it’s a big plus you don’t get the wind or rain creeping up the arm soaking the underclothing you have on. They are substantial yet not a pain either and the sleeve comes down over them which also has Velcro tabs to fasten up. It looks nice and neat but also in my eyes functions better as the rain runs off. Another mega plus with the jacket which many manufacturers overlook is the jacket is a touch longer than normal and the back of the jacket comes down past your bottom meaning only the legs get blasted by wind and rain and keeps drafts out a bit more too. Although it’s longer you certainly don’t notice it by being in the way or anything. Pulling the hood up there is plenty of room and comes over enough to shield your face as well. The hood has a small visor which you can also fold back if needed, it also has three adjustable toggles on elastic so you can tighten up the hood and keep the rough stuff out. Overall for a set would I buy this? I have been out on the tail end of Storm Alex and it’s kept all rain out which is a great start! I also wore it for the next few sessions as well which ended up being light rain and then light rain and hard wind coming in 30mph plus but it kept everything out and has got good wind cheating abilities considering that it is breathable material. The suit is nice and feels nice and comfortable even after wearing it a long while and I didn’t sweat in it whilst walking a long distance which for me is a desirable extra due to some of my marks being out of the way and myself having some excess weight which can make your fat cry a little haha. I would give this suit a solid 8/10 from my perspective only being let down by not having the double way zip for bathroom breaks and the elastic that has been used for the bib and braces as well as a zip on the leg splits for a few simple extra points it could be an easy 10/10 and maybe if they are considering a thermal version now they have branched into all weather suits this is something they could think about which would be great for those cold winter months. It’s certainly not the cheapest as you’re paying £129.95 for the jacket and £99.95 for the bib and braces but I do believe it will serve you well and last which pays dividends when it comes to clothing! If you buy cheap, you buy twice. I get you are also buying the branding as well but if you’re like me then you want something that will work well and last for your hard earned money that you are parting with. But all in all it is a great set especially since it is their first set. It will certainly be an addition to many an angler including myself in the spring, summer and autumn months. All in all I would say it’s a job well done by Century and I would happily part with my money for this suit. JACKET STATS: £129.95 -Available in sizes Medium, Large, XL, XXL and XXXL. -Two zipped cargo pockets both with storm flaps. -Two zipped hand warmer pockets both with storm flaps. -Adjustable elasticised waist band to ensure a perfect fit. -Adjustable elasticised hem to help prevent draughts. -Fully adjustable, slightly oversized integral hood with wired peak. -Neoprene inner cuffs. -Adjustable outer cuffs with Velcro fittings. -Two-way, heavy duty main zip with Velcro fastening storm flap. -15000mm hydrostatic and a 5000 mpv breathability rating. BIB & BRACE STATS: £99.95 -Available in sizes Medium, Large, XL, and XXL. -Two cargo pockets with Velcro fastening storm flaps. -Two fleece lined, zipped hand warmer pockets with storm flaps. -Heavy duty main zip with Velcro fastening storm flap. -Adjustable elasticised braces with quick release buckles. -Reinforced seat area. -Reinforced knee area. -Leg gussets with Velcro fastening adjustment straps. -Tailored knee area for improved fit.

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