Back to Basics: Boat Rig

This month with back to basics as we have featured so much from the shore that I figured I would do this one from a boat angling perspective and tie it in with Roving rods and get a basics down on what would be needed to get going.

So first up let’s take a look at a rig, What rig do we need? There are plenty of rigs you can use and I’m sure with time you may change your mind on some rigs due to the ground you fish over or condition of the sea you’re fishing in but ultimately you want your rig on the sea bed presenting your bait on the bottom and so there is a reason the running ledger is one of the most commonly used rigs and that’s because it gives a great presentation keeping the bait on the sea bed, you can use one hook or pennel it like I do with two hooks it gives you a better chance of hooking a fish and when using a large bait you can add to the presentation keeping it neater and sitting better within the tidal flow looking more natural.

A standard hook length would be 2- 3ft with size 4/0 – 6/0 hooks, remember to leave a clear hooking point on each hook and good luck!

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